On this page I dedicate my attention to SquirrelMail, the best webmail out there. I have made 2 plugins for it:

  1. To-Do Reminder
  2. Compose Special Characters

Since I'm from Finland I'm used to having the week start on monday. Therefore I had to patch the SquirrelMail Shared Calendars and Small Calendar plugins. The diffs for the newest versions are attached.

Apply them by issuing diff -p1 < [diff_file.diff] in the plugins/pluginname directory.

I have also made a custom version of the Quote-Of-The-Day at Login plugin that fetches a random number from random.org, instead of using rand. This was just for the reason, that I like the idea of trully random numbers. The pach also changes the call to the fortune command so that it will select one group for every day. The patch is also attached to this page.