RM2 recordsheet

I made this Rolemaster 2nd edition recordsheet with OpenOffice 2. It is semi-automatic. With semi-automatic I mean that it will fetch skill costs, and levelbonuses and calculate totals automatically. It also calculates total hits and power points. Send me an email if you find anything wrong with it.

It supports all professions from RMC I-V and EC, since I used the skillcosts and levelbonuses from Tero Kivinen's material at http://ftp.funet.fi/pub/doc/games/roleplay/systems/rolemaster/skills/ I also use the Domestic Manners font from http://www.dustismo.com/site/fonts.html for the "hand written" stuff.

I have attached the recordsheet in OpenOffice (1 & 2), Excel, and PDF formats. The PDF is of course a print-only blank sheet, but you can print all the formats, since I made it so that it will not display anything except if there is something to display.