An adventure to Bloodstream the RPG

Requirements: A medium sized party of 4-6, with about 2D experience. Less experienced characters should be able to manage this adventure, if they are stealthy and clever.

Rewards: Continued existence, and a chance to see the world outside of the bloodstream.

While walking down the bloodstream the character see a scavenger cell burst, and a bunch of rod-shaped guys run past. (Difficulty 10 to recognize as bacteria, Difficulty 30 to recognize as anthrax.) If any of the characters is a macrophage, he will be attacked by one of these strangers. They have a special weapon versus macrophages. Once he is out they will start munching on the nutrients nearby. Red blood cells are pretty much ignored. If they are allowed to munch unchallenged they will break the capillary walls and sneak out of the bloodstream.

At this point the characters have a few choices:

  1. Signal general alarm.
  2. Start chasing after the bacteria that made a quick sprint for it.
  3. Go spy on the ones that stepped out of the bloodstream.
  4. Do nothing.

1) Signal General alarm

The alarm is signaled, and in the characters will be drafted to battle. Red blood cells will be made into supply units. If the characters also mention the escapees, they will be dispatched to follow, since they have seen them before. This should lead to scenario 2. If not then after these guys have been taken down, the others will have had time to reach the lungs. The next time the characters come to the lungs, they will find themselves in some trouble, but they might be able to escape detection and be able to start a guerrilla war against these nasties.

2) Start chasing

The chase is on! These guys are remarkably fast, but their trail of mayhem is relatively easy to follow. Since the characters have a fairly decent knowledge of the environment they should be able to use this to their advantage. If they figure out who these guys are, then their destination is the lungs. Once they figure this out they should be able to arrange an ambush for these nasties. They can start mitosis to get reinforcements. The bacteria won't have time for mitosis, since they are on the move.

3) Go spy

It soon becomes apparent that the bacteria are starting to build camp and multiply. If the characters are spotted then they will be made into slaves. If not then they will have a good chance to do some serious damage before these strangers grow too strong. They can induce mitosis to be able to perform multiple skirmishes at the same time.

4) Do nothing

The characters go about their business, and in the mean time the bacteria will have time to a) make a run for it. b) fortify themselves just outside of the capillary.

The characters will be moved along with a greater pace (increased pulse). The runners are going for a vein so that they can head out to the lungs, so that they can kill the host as quickly as possible, to be able to feed on the corpse. The camping bacteria will use their toxin so that the capillary is broken and the nutrient flow falls into the hands of the bacteria. The nutrients will be stored many places.

Next time the characters come this way they will be taken prisoner and made into slaves, unless they are able to either fool the sentries (cheat skill) or notice and manage to sneak around. Attacking the sentries would be foolish at this point, since they would call for backup. The same will happen in the lungs.

If any battle lasts for a long time some antibiotics will be handed to the characters (the creature is taking antibiotics). Some might work some might not. See below.

A bad guys

Bacillus anthracis

Strength 4D + 2D armor

Lift 5D

Climb / Jump 5D+1

Endurance 8D

Close combat 5D

Dexterity 3D+1

Dodge 4D

Parry 3D+2

Knowledge 1D

Survival (inside herbivore) 2D

Cheat 1D+2

Targeted Attack (toxins) 3D (see below)

Search 1D+1


The toxins do 2 things:

  1. Paralysis (use Strength to resist) Strength of the toxin is 3D
  2. Destroy the blood vessel

For more on Anthrax see: