Rope is a generic role-playing game, that started as a modification of the Bushido RPG Core rules. I have heavily extended and expanded the basic Bushido rules. Magic is totally rewritten. I added a new stat, changes skill resolution, added racial stat modifiers, and more. In addition the system is now generic, so you can play any genre you want. I've now started working on changing the core engine to use Fudge instead of the custom one I had build based on Bushido. A last version of old Rope is available below, should anyone want it.

Edition 2009.08 This is the last edition which uses the old engine. All further editions will be based on the Fudge engine. I ran with this edition in Ropecon 2009.

  • Rope Core Rules (2009.08)
  • Rope genre book - Fantasy
  • Rope genre book - Bushido In the honor of it's roots the I decided to make an oriental setting and call it Bushido.
  • Rope genre book - Sci-Fi

Edition 2008.08 This edition splits the core rules out, and introduces genre specific books. The first genre book is Fantasy.

  • Rope Core rules (2008.08)
  • Rope genre book - Fantasy (2008.08)

Edition 2007.09 This edition contains some cosmetic changes, and Capabilities have been renamed into Everyman skills.

  • Rope Rules (2007-09 Release)
  • Rope Character Record Sheet (2007-09 Release) (OO.o Spreadsheet (ODS) with automatic calculation of abilities, and other numbers)
  • Rope Character Record Sheet (2007-09 Release)

Edition 2007.08 in the honor of Ropecon 2007 where I playtested this system. This contains 2 new professions and improvements to healing and magic and some more. ROPE Sci-Fi 2007.08 prerelease Contains rules for handling modern. I'm also going to playest this at Ropecon this year.

  • Rope Rules (2007.08 Ropecon 2007 Release)
  • Rope Sci-Fi Rules

Version 0.25

  • Rope Rules (0.25)
  • Rope Character Recordsheet (0.25)

This RPG is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License