The Bloodstrem (Photo (C) Procidis)

The Bloodstream (Photo (C) Procidis)


In the 1980s there was a french TV series called "Once upon a time... life". In this series the main characters were blood cells and vitamins and what not. And the baddies were Bacteria, Viruses, poison etc. So with this as an inspiration I've created a role-playing game (based on d6 for simplicity) set in this cartoon world.

If you don't know what I'm talking about have a look here, and here is the homepage of the producer of the series.

This system is based on the D6 system by WEG (now OpenD6)


  • Strength - Strength tells you how much you can carry and how well you endure stress of all kind.
  • Dexterity - Dexterity measures how nimble and quick you are.
  • Knowledge - Everything that is mostly knowledge based, or requires you to think.

Strong Bacteria

These Bactera are pretty strong (Photo (C) Procidis)


Skills have a base score equal to the attribute that they are listed under. They can be increased by experience.


Close combat

This skill is used when you are attacked by bacteria or viruses.


This is used to get across hindrances like a blood clot or a ruptured vein etc.


Used to lift or carry heavy things (like carbondioxide spheres)


Used to perform heavy work over long time periods.



Used to dodge thrown objects and weapons


Used to block an attack


Attack using a ranged weapon like a CO2 ball


Used to sneak past bacteria or police (white bloodcells). This skill can also be used to hide and to camouflage yourself to something else.



This skill is used to find nutrients outside of the bloodstream (where there is a rich variety of nutrients).

This skill can also be used to gain knowledge of the tissue you are in. /"Oh so this is the liver. Riight"/

A third use of this skill is used to survive in totally hostile environments, like on the skin, etc.


This skill is used to fool security, and to detect such attempts.


This skill is used to search for something that you know/suspect is there. Like a Sneaking virus.

Targeted attack

This skill is used to make a ranged attack using antibodies or other chemicals.

Character creation

  1. Choose character type (see below)
  2. Choose skills. You get 3D to split among skills. 1D is equal to three "pluses" That is with 1D you can either increase one skill with 1D OR three skills with +1 OR one skill with +2 and another with +1.
  3. Choose a name and all the important stuff like personality and background.
  4. Your character is ready! Have fun!

Character types

Red blood cell

Strength 3D

Dexterity 1D

Knowledge 1D

These guys are generally strong and dumb. They spend their days hauling O2 from the lungs and CO2 to the lungs. CO2 is quite heavy, while O2 is quite light.

Players who choose this character type get to assign 2D in any of the attributes. This can be split however the player wishes.

For more info see

Red blood cell carrying oxygen

Red blood cell (Photo (C) Procidis)


Strength 3D

Dexterity 3D

Knowledge 1D

The policeforce of the body. They Are very physical and love to kick bacterial but! They have a special talent. They can do mitosis, that is split and double them selves. It takes 4 turns to perform a mitosis. When this is complete the character is essentially duplicated and the player gets to control both clones. They can also attack at very long ranges

For more info see


Strength 1D

Dexterity 3D

Knowledge 3D

These are also part of the body's defense force. T-cells co-ordinate the defense forces and have the knowledge to kill the body's own infected cells. These are the only ones that can attack a virus infected cell. The virus infected cells usually become factories that create more viruses. To kill an infected cell they need to detect it and the use a targetted attack on it. T-lymphocytes can also do a mitosis.

For more info see


Strength 2D

Dexterity 3D

Knowledge 2D

B-lymphocytes attack bacteria and viruses using antibodies. They are also part of the defense force. They are capable of mitosis.

For more info see

The bad guys


Strength 2D

Close combat 3D

Dodge 4D

Targetted attack 5D

Cheat 2D

Influenza is a virus. It will try to infect as many cells as it can.

For more info see


Virus in a cell. Photo (C) Procidis)


Strength 4D + 2D armor

Close combat 5D

Dodge 4D

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